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    Frank Luca Bio

    The Roots...
    Born in 1976 in Meriden, CT, Frank Luca showed interest and ability in artistic expression from the moment he could close his hand around a crayon. Encouraged by first his family and then his teachers, Frank developed his natural talents into finely honed skills. He was awarded for those skills as early as high school. Frank’s college career began at the University of Pittsburgh, but eventually led to the University of Miami in 1997, where it was all about the art. Frank complemented his artistic abilities with knowledge of the history of art, as well as with the computer and technical forms of it. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. After college, Frank worked as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for a publishing company, as a scenic artist for an international event production company, within the art departments on movie and TV sets and as a muralist for private homes. His work has been published in every yearbook of every school he attended, exhibited in galleries in Miami and Connecticut, displayed on the 2006 Orange Bowl Halftime Show and featured on television, on the hit TLC show Miami Ink. He is presently tattooing and focusing on oil painting and airbrushing.